With the explosion of global interest in the ‘Camilla’ brand and sales doubling yearly I knew that maintaining the right mindset was vital to reach new heights.

To assist in balancing media interest and the evolution of the business I sort Immik to keep me inspired and empowered to meet the high standards of my professional & personal goals.

Having a Coach is now a must - have, just like a ‘Camilla’ Kaftan!

Camilla Franks | Designer

Being an Actor keen to move forward professionally, I initially met with Immik as my Career Coach, thinking we would discuss all things “Who’s Who” within the Industry and what to do next.

What actually happened was a brilliant session learning about myself, everything else that I needed would follow. Our coaching sessions have taught me how to be the best version of myself.

I have signed with a new agent and am so clear now on my future goals.

To have Immik help guide me personally and professionally has been invaluable, and I can’t thank her enough for steering me in a direction that has, and will continue to allow me to develop as a person, as well as a professional Actor and Presenter.

Meg Macintosh | Actor, Presenter

"Immik has an innate talent of reading people, and coaching them to success. She is incredibly talented in helping people to find their path, working through situations & finding not only outcomes, but new opportunities.

I have had the pleasure of working with Immik for over 10 years and she has been a guiding force in my personal & professional development.

I would highly recommend Immik and her podcasts!”

Taryn Williams | Director, Wink Models

I have had the privilege of undertaking coaching by Immik through various stages of life over the past 4.5 years. She has coached me through career choices, study options, visions of my future. She has been a listening ear through the highs and lows of life, and has kept me accountable.

Immik has challenged my thoughts to find clarity and to get clear about what I desire most in life.

To an incredible woman who continues to inspire me, thank you for the bottom of my heart for your support, warmth and encouragement.

Paula Len

I have known Immik for at least 15 years, first professionally and lately in her evolution as a Performance Coach.

Throughout the last several months, Immik has been immensely helpful in facilitating me through a personal growth period as I transition into a new stage of my life.

Over the phone, in-person or on-set, Immik has been a rock solid presence and incredibly insightful sounding board for the many issues and decisions I have faced during this time.

Immik is a very special person, with tonnes of energy and is gifted with an intuition that at times defies logic. I couldn’t think of a better coach to have on my team. And I can’t thank her enough.

Melissa Seymour | Author & Entreprenuer

I am a completely different person now that I have worked with Immik.

The focus and direction that I have now is unrivaled in previous years, and I look forward to a new year of passion-motivated action and adventure.

I have cleared out old limiting thinking, dealt with some old ghosts and have an excitement about doing life that I haven't had in a very long time.

Thanks Immik! You are a rockstar!

Michelle George | Writer, Artist

Immik knows her stuff. Her insightful, powerful, take-no-shit approach was exactly what I needed to admit to the things that were holding me back as an artist; and her experience and knowledge of the industry meant she knew exactly where to point me once I had overcome them.

If you are looking for a kick into action from a woman full of heart, then look no further - Immik is it.

Chiara Gizzi | Actor

"My coaching sessions with Immik were probably the best investment in myself that I have ever done.

Immik is a beautiful and inspiring soul who guided me with her intuitive questions to really dig deep and re-connect again with myself.

After each session I felt myself questioning more, with a heightened awareness of the repetitive habits and negative behaviour I would fall trap to time and time again.

It has been a truly enlightening experience."

Katrina Emmanuel | Photographer

After my 15 minutes of fame as the ‘last man kneeling’ on Season 3 of The Bachelorette, I struggled with balancing my real life and my new found fame.

Having Immik as my coach helped me see the possibilities beyond this struggle and encouraged me to expand my dreams.

While fielding television opportunities, Immik encouraged me to say “yes” to the moment in both my personal and my professional lives. As a result of that I’ve gone on to produce my own television shows and find true love, all by changing my limited perception.

Thank you Immik... your wedding invitation is in the mail!

Jerry Ferris

"We worked with Immik on the television shows ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ and ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’.

Immik orchestrates the perfect conditions and the magic happens.”

Montalbetti & Campbell | Photographers, NYC

Immik’s in-depth knowledge of not only the Modeling, Film and TV industry from a talent perspective, but also her genuine rapport and application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has assisted me immensely in developing a plan of action to focus and combine my existing skills to formulate my own personal brand that can be leveraged by presenting for design related TV hosting and producing opportunities.

In only the first few minutes of meeting with Immik, she was able to tease out and restore my aims and goals in a concise manner that together over the next hour we went onto explore the best ways to facilitate these.

I look forward to continuing to work Immik to keep me on track and exceed all my personal expectations of what I can achieve.

Nathan Evans | MFDI, Grad.Cert.Des.Sci, B.Des+Tech

"Coaching with Immik has given me more clarity and excitement about my work.

From portfolio editing to marketing to maintaining the right mindset, Immik has kept me inspired to keep doing what I love... taking pictures!"

Mark Mawson | Photographer/DOP, UK

I was recommended to see Immik by my modelling agency to figure out how to better approach my modelling career.

Unsure what to expect, I walked into my meeting with Immik rather timid. Immediately, she created a constructive and controlled environment where she could develop my mindset from the outright.

Starting from someone who has self-confidence issues, she highlighted my strengths by breaking down the negative energy I had created myself, and introduced me to a specific positive career and personal pathway.

This is not a pep-me-up talk she gave me authentic and experienced guidance, and the ammunition I needed to take control of my life and career.

Since our meeting, my attitude has completely changed.

Elysia Vickas | Model

Immik absolutely radiates positive energy and charisma, I was instantly drawn to her energy. She has an extraordinary ability to get straight to the issue/s.

My personal growth through coaching with Immik has blown me away. I have transformed in my thought processes, which has flowed on to my professional and personal life in many ways.

Immik is a treasure and I feel so blessed to have found her, and had the opportunity to receive her guidance.

From the bottom of my heart Immik, THANK YOU.

Megan Braunberger | Makeup Artist

Within minutes Immik and I had set out my priorities for family life and my working life.

At this session Immik suggested that I concentrate on my hairstyling work and suggested that I start teaching workshops. Within weeks I had my marketing material organised and a month after launching my workshops – I was solidly booked.

Immik sees things from a different perspective within the industry and I am excited to work together to get me to the next level in my career.

Danielle Murrihy | Hair & Makeup Artist

Life coaching was the jump start I needed to get motivated about turning my life around. If I had not started life coaching when I had, there would be no saying how much more time I would have wasted being miserable.

Today I am a different person. I have specific goals I want to achieve, my anxiety and depression has decreased significantly and I no longer feel overwhelmed by life.

I feel privileged to have had someone as sensitive, practical and supportive as Immik to help me work through my problems.

Angeline Leeds

“Thanks to Immik I feel like I have been rapidly guided onto the exact path that I need to be on, to pursue my dreams and achieve ultimate satisfaction.”

Susan Mathews | Business Owner