030:Lauren Pell: Founder & Creator of Colour & Coconuts Wellness Festival.

Colour & Coconuts is the brainchild of Lauren Pell a long-time health & wellness enthusiast whose business motto is ‘create something you wish existed.’ Lauren is coconuts about producing engaging events that nurture, educate and inspire and has used her background as a top-level TV producer to create an authentic and unique business.
The first event from the C&C team, The Wellness Festival, was held in Melbourne in April 2016 to a sold out crowd of 600 attendees. Dubbed ‘the Coachella of the health world’ by Sporteluxe, the festival is the first of its kind combining health, business and a heap of coconut-y fun.
The Wellness Festival, held over one day, is a hub of activity featuring world-class speakers, a live DJ, fresh coconuts and The Wellness Market featuring Australia’s top health brands and services.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode.

  • The importance of listening to your gut instinct
  • Research.. Research.. Research.
  • The benefits of moving your body.
  • How to disconnect to reconnect.
  • Why keeping your job can be the best decision when first creating your business model.
  • Have a business plan but don’t get too bogged down in it.
  • Seek guidence from people you trust and admire.
  • Network
  • Jump in!

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