028: Christie Whitehill, Technology Entrepreneur & APP Expert

Christie Whitehill started her entrepreneurial journey in 2007 after she won a national swimsuit competition and was offered the chance to start her own bikini range. This opportunity sparked fresh business ideas in the model’s mind, but although plans for the bikini range eventually faded due to a change in direction and a sense of purpose, her entrepreneurial flame led her to take an interest in the technology space.

From that point Christie created multiple ventures in the tech field, raising $300K in funding for her first venture dating app Fancied which was voted the number 1 dating app in Australia by numerous magazines.

Christie is also an advocate for women’s success and recently Cofounded Poppy Renegade, a community of women built to inspire, celebrate and empower one another. She’s extremely passionate about advising and mentoring start-ups and encouraging women to see their true potential.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode.

  • Tips on how to start a tech business
  • Start-up failures and how to get over them
  • Check list for a “great” APP idea
  • How to reach your full potential

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