Lisa Henriksson


025: Lisa Henriksson Author, Global Business Woman, CEO and Mother.

At age 32, Lisa had reached all of her goals in life: she had enjoyed a successful career, she was on her way to building a thriving business of her own, her longing to become a mother had been fulfilled, twice, and behind the white picket fence she shared her life with the man of her dreams. Things were truly picture perfect. So why then wasn’t she happy?

Henriksson candidly shares her successes and failures, giving readers new perspectives on happiness, fulfillment and the choice to accept her invitation ‘for you to find and choose what is true for you.’

Lisa Henriksson is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She travels the world coaching and facilitating individuals and groups to accessing their knowing and awareness.

Lisa is the co-founder of Wisdom Stockholm and the founder and CEO of yoga and health centers Egen Tid. Lisa lives with her two children in Stockholm, Sweden.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode

  • How to empower yourself to live the life YOU want
  • Learn how to give back the negative energy that is not yours.
  • How to find what is true for you
  • How to stop judging yourself
  • Get clear on whether you are living a life based on others expectations.
  • How to start living what is true for you

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