023: Alison Nancye, Author, Wellness Mentor & Founder of The Life Kitchen.

Alison’s decade of research has now led her to create the unique proposition that is The Life Kitchen – bringing books to life through entertainment and education. She is successful Author with one of her books being picked up to become a feature film!

Alison is ready to bring books to life on the global stage and inspire her team, her authors, audience, her readership, her tribe and the general public to be inspired to thrive and live a life you love using the world of books and storytelling to both escape from your life and be inspired to create a deep love of life.

Alison writes books, mentor authors, co-collaborates with industry specialists to bring their content to life and collaborate with film partners including producers and directors to create story content and books as inspiration for screenplays and film projects.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • How to find balance within
  • How to simplify a meditation practise
  • How to teach your children mindfulness
  • The power of persistence
  • How to share your unique story through writing.


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